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Shoutykid by Simon Mayle

June 24, 2014

shoutykidShoutykid by Simon Mayle.  Pub. HarperCollins, 2014.

A book with high boy appeal. It is funny, it is ridiculous, the main character is witty and crazy, it is narrated in short email letters between hero Harry Riddles and various people and it is illustrated with illuminating drawings.

What else can I say?

Harry Riddles is 10 and he appreciates that his parents are in financial crap. Film script writer father has a flop on his hands and family finances are on the brink.

Harry has a cousin in California and the two play an online game The World of Zombies. Harry is very good. How can he convert the only thing he is good at into money and save his family. Answer a film about Zombies.

He writes to everyone including the Queen, Dr Dref, the British PM, Harry Styles of One Direction, looking for support. In the end it is down to him A film about a vegetarian zombie is ruled out but one called Eat the Parents maybe successful.

Read it and find out. Loads of fun for primary, intermediate and even some secondary students.

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