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Grasshopper’s Week by Tania Norfolk. Illus Chris Norfolk

June 30, 2014

grasshopperGrasshopper’s Week by Tania Norfolk.  Illus Chris Norfolk. Craig Potton Publishing, 2014.

Grasshopper is a lucky insect. He lives with a wise tree and a number of familiar creatures including a frog, a tui and a magnificent moth, that are well known to new Zealand children.

Each day grasshopper asks tree “what day is it today” and each day tree gives his own day “today is wild wind day” and it is although some would call it Monday. We go through every day of the week and end with the day when Tree’s is the same as grasshoppers when the sun shines through like golden wine.

It is a read-a-loud book ideal for early school and for parents who want to read quality stories to their children.

Chis Norfolk’s chalk pastel illustrations are outstanding. The tree is big gentle and wise and the grasshopper green and enthusiastic. I loved the moth and the tui is the parson bird extraordinaire.

I hope we see more of this talent.

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