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Roses are Blue by Sally Murphy. Illus. Gabriel Evans

July 3, 2014

roses are blueRoses are Blue by Sally Murphy. Illus. Gabriel Evans. Pub. Walker Books, 2014.

This is one of the most moving stories for younger readers that I have ever read.

It is a short novel written in blank verse consisting of short sentences that make reading so easy.

Before the car accident Amber Rose’s mum was a vibrant woman. She loved gardening and painting and was an attentive mother. Even then when she turned up at school to pick Amber up, Amber was a little embarrassed.

The accident changed everything. Amber, her mum, her dad and younger brother Jack moved from their beautiful old house with verandahs and great garden into a modern house with Aunt Fi. Mum has brain damage, is in a wheelchair and is relearning how to communicate.

Amber is afraid to tell her new classmates about her mother. Then her class has an art competition that will be judged on Mothers day with all the mothers coming for high tea.

Amber worries what her classmates will think of her mother. Read it and find out what happens you will not be disappointed.

Brilliantly illustrated by Gabriel Evans who shows the love within Amber’s family and enhances the story in a way that moves you emotionally. Amber is beautifully drawn and the mother has that sadness accompanied by I wish I was the way I was look. We would all be like that.

It is a story of a family dealing with tragic change. I have read no better. For primary school children but older students and adults will relate to this novel.

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