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Where is Rusty by Sieb Posthuma. Translated bill Nagelkerke.

July 18, 2014

rustyWhere is Rusty by Sieb Posthuma. Translated bill Nagelkerke.

For me the quality and appeal of a picture book always starts with the front cover. It sets the tone and it is where many people make their judgement contrary to popular advice. This book shows a cheeky dog with a whimsical yet knowing face hanging upside down on an umbrella rack by his tale. You know it is a laugh straight away.

Rusty goes on a trip with his mom and brothers and sisters to a department store something like Bloomingdales or Harrods. They have elevators and moving stairs with a lost dog section on the third floor.

There is heaps to see even a dog biscuit making machine. Rusty is beset with risk and adventure and off he goes. Round all the floors through the ventilation pipes. Mother reports him missing but Rusty is having so much fun he disguises himself  in various guises until he is found.

Well told and skillfully translated by Bill Nagelkerke. The illustrations are full of detail and enhance the character of Rusty and the business of a Department store. Great read aloud and much to ponder over for young children.

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