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Hexed by Michelle Krys.

July 23, 2014

HexedHexed by Michelle Krys. Pub.  Random House, 2014.

A novel about witches and sorcerors and a very good one.

Indigo is an ordinary American High School student with a mass of frizzy hair and good looks that have matched her with the captain of the school football team. Indigo’s mother has always claimed to be a witch, but she’s not, and Indigo was brought up believing that aliens, witches and vampires exist. They do.

Centuries before a feud started  after a death of a witch,between Witches and Sorcerers. Witches were slaughtered in their 100’s until an ingenious witch cast a powerful spell that meant if a sorcerer killed a witch it lost all of it’s powers. Safety for a while. Then a powerful sorcerer worked out how to bypass the witches spell and he wrote it down in an old Bible. The witches stole the Bible and it has resided with Indigo’s mother for some time.

The sorcerers find out about this  and steal it. Is the slaughter on again?

Indigo is contacted by a boy witch who is a bit of a hunk. Indigo is impressed by what she learns from him but she also finds out that after 200 full moons she to will develop the powers of a witch and become part of the struggle. Wow you just gotta find out more by reading it.

Much  of this novel is American High School life and teenage relationships with frightening action and a trick or two at the end. For High school students but I bet Intermediate girls will want to grab this one.

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