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You can do it Bert ! by Ole Konnecke

August 18, 2014

you can do it bertYou can do it Bert ! by Ole Konnecke.  Gecko Press, 2014.

This is my kind on picture book. Simple, minimal written text, bold illustrations, food for thought and a brilliant sense of humour.

We have all got ourselves into a position where you have to put your money where your mouth is. So it is with Bert. Bert is a young bird going to take a death defying leap from the branch of a tree into the great unknown.

He is determined to do it but gets the jitters. His friends are encouraging but Bert is playing it cool. Something to eat to emphasise his coolness. A banana will do and the skin can go where he is going.

A determined run along the branch, arm across the eyes and bonanza.

Read it and find out what happens. When you do follow the progress of the banana skin.

Outstanding. Good themes of taking risks, friends, fun and a sense of humour.

Ole Konnecke grew up in Sweden and writes in Hamburg Germany. he has won prizes for his works. I’m glad he does, he deserves it

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