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Caro was here by Elizabeth Farrelly

August 22, 2014

caro was hereCaro was Here by Elizabeth Farrelly. Pub. Walker Books, 2014.

On the day Caro turns 12 she loses an election to be Winter Captain to an American girl named Ellen Aurelia Dufresne who insists on being called by all three names. This gets up Caro’s nose as does Ellen’s penchant for calling her father papa.

It is also the last day of school so caro decides to bunk with her younger brother Ned and do something adventurous. As they jump over the school wall they are joined unwittingly by my favourite character the nerdy thick glasses Nigel Numbnuts, and one of Caro’s friends Tattie and amazingly the pretentious American girl Ellen Aurelia Dufresne.

They ponder adventure and catch a ferry to an island in the middle of Sydney harbour that was once a penal colony with a rock at which a famous prisoner was once chained to. They spend the afternoon checking the island out and find that the last ferry has gone and they are trapped on the island for the night.

it is going to be a long one. Some hard looking men have a sleek boat hidden in an old shed on the island and the kids find a lot of money on the boat. What are the men up to? Secondly something orange is spotted in the bush. What is it?

Relationships are going to change. Good healthy adventure with an emphasis on survival under pressure. A strong quality is the dialogue between the characters.

Aimed at middle and intermediate school readers. A good read-a-loud for the classroom.

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