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Magisterium Bk1: The Iron Trial by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare.

August 31, 2014

iron trialMagisterium Bk1: The Iron Trial by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare. Pub.Random House, 2014.

The authors of this first part of a Fantasy adventure thriller have street cred in modern fantasy. Sure they have read past masters and elements of other fantasy are included in this work. Hey that is how you become a writer. But what these two authors do in this book is unique and will completely surprise you.

I read this and went wow! I want to read the next four parts too, and I will.

We first meet Callum Hunt in the prologue to this novel when the father finds him as a baby after the Magisterium has been attacked during the third Mage War and all the inhabitants killed except baby Callum who has had his leg bent in a terrible fashion.

When his father finds him in the freezing cold his mother has written a message. KILL THE CHILD

Twelve years later Callum is reluctantly made to trial for a place in Mage school or the Magisterium. His father does not want him to go saying the school is a death camp. Callum believes his father, does his best to fail but is selected in the top three by the best tutor Master Rufus. Is Callum’s father right?

Callum is put in a team with top student Aaron and super girl Tamara as they train to harness their magic in the first year the Iron Trial. Will they succeed? Callum takes his reluctance into the school and does his best to fail. In the real world he had no friends and no ambition. The school is to change him and his attitudes.

Compulsive reading with plenty of action and good fantasy to absorb the reader. The magic comes from five sources – Earth Air, Fire, Water and Chaos. All are powerful but Chaos is deadly. You are going to love this series. Terrific ending that sets up the next book.

Intermediate and high school readers. There are 5 parts and at the end if they survive Callum and his team will be 17. The reader can grow with the characters.

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