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The Day No One was Angry by Toon Tellegen & Marc Boutavant

September 9, 2014

AngerThe Day No One was Angry by Toon Tellegen & Marc Boutavant. Pub. Gecko Press, 2014.

The sort of storytelling one has come used to when reviewing Gecko Press publications and I mean this in the most positive way. Twelve short stories from animals each dissecting and giving meaning to the emotion of anger.

The unusual hyrax is first cab off the rank expressing his anger at the sun for not being around when he is wanting it. He misses the sunset and the sun rise. The sun never listens.

Elephant is angry with himself for trying to climb a tree that he always falls out of. Beetle and earthworm are both angry but believe each is angrier than the other while aardvark tells squirrel that he is only angry when he stands on his feet, so he stands on his head where he is much happier.

Squirrel is a contented little fellow and this irks shrew who does everything including smashing up squirrel’s home to make him angry, but squirrel just thinks of the good times.

Some great behavioural and attitudinal messages in the stories. Primary school children will love the stories.

There are only 81 pages of this book and Marc Boutavant has an illustration on everyone of them. They are outstanding giving Toon Tellegen’s written text additional meaning. Toad is brilliant and rhino and hippo take some beating.

The last story is the title of the book and it is superb. When no one is angry, life can be a little dull, as long as you don’t lose sight of the humour of it all.

This book will not disappoint you.

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