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Play in the Garden by Sarah O’Neil

September 13, 2014

play gardenPlay in the Garden by Sarah O’Neil. Pub.New Holland, 2014. 

It is not often that I review a non fiction work but when it is using imagination to get kids into gardening then I make an exception.

The essential attraction of this novel is that it involves adults. Instead of setting a part of the garden aside for children, get them interested and involved in sharing the whole garden.

This book shows how to grow a bean teepee, decorated stepping stones, Making corn husk people, making your own sprinkler and painting with vegetables.

Of course you must have basic gardening skills first and know how to set up a garden and grow plants. The first chapter shows all this then the fun stuff begins.

Well set out with clear instructions and colourful pertinent illustrations. Sprinkled among the information are Did you know? bubbles and the information in these is fascinating. Did you know that a lawn is more efficient at producing oxygen than a tree is? or that there could be a million earth worms in an acre of ground and that worms can live up to 15 years.

This book is well worth having in the home and should be an essential purchase for school libraries. Mainly aimed at primary/intermediate students but adults will learn a lot too.

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