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Nightmares by Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller

September 16, 2014

nightmaresNightmares by Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller.  Pub. Penguin, Random House, 2014.

It is said that nightmares and dreams are manifestations of events in our real lives. Could this be true in this novel?

Charlie’s mum died 3 years ago and his father meets a woman called Charllote DeChant with flaming red hair and bohemian dress. They marry and move in together at a big purple house that sits on the highest hill in the town of Cypress Creek. The house is scary like a haunted house and at the top is a tower with no curtains at the windows. At night an eerie light shines from the tower.

As soon as Charlie moves into the house he starts having nightmares about a witch who wants to lock him up in a cage and keep him in the netherworld.

Charlie can’t sleep and this soon becomes apparent to his friends and teachers at school. Charlie is not looking good and things start to suffer. His little brother Jack is quite keen on his new stepmother and Charlie has a realistic dream that the witch wants to eat him. he has to save Jack.

He tries to tell his teachers and friends but no=one believes him. Then he starts to have a more sinister nightmare. A presence is following him and the nightmares want to drag him forever into the Netherworld.

Co-written by the man who wrote Despicable Me and by Kirsten Miller who wrote the Kiki Strike books and does the illustrations.

Part one of a new series that will appeal to primary and intermediate children. It is scary and adventurous and it is about family, friends and school. All the things important in kids lives.

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