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The Volume of Possible Endings by Barbara Else.

October 4, 2014

possible endingsThe Volume of Possible Endings by Barbara Else. Pub. Gecko Press, 2014.

This is the third book in the Tales of Fontania series and like the others it is a tale of magic, adventure, invention, humour and silliness. Nothing wrong with that it’s what kids want to read in books and me too.

The land of Fontania is a land of magic but only the Royal family have magic powers. Some of them like all royal families are eccentric, ruthless, crazy, inventive, funny and responsible and like all families they fight. Knowing who is who is the key to this story.

The key to the magic of this Kingdom are the dragon-eagles, they are sacred and essentially good but things can and do go awry.

Dorrity is the main character, she is 12 years old, brave, adventureous and on the right side. She is wanted by the evil Count Bale whose smile is as thin as a trip wire and tricky as a spider web. Everything about him is.

He wants to capture Dorrity who has a connection with both sides of the Royal family. Make her queen for a couple of days, end his banishment then take over as the new king. Dastardly!.

Dorrity has an ally in a mechanical boy known as Metalboy who was invented by the current king but is let loose and starts to evolve into a key weapon against the Count.

The plot hums along after Dorrity finds a book of Five Possible Endings to the situation. Will any of them be true. Read it and find out.

The dialogue between the characters is very witty and to me was the strength of the novel. While part of the Fontania series all books in it are stand alone.

Primary and intermediate school level.

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