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The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner.

October 10, 2014

rule thoughtsThe Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner. Pub. Random House, 2014. 

Michael is a very confused person. he was a Tangent- a completely programmed entity within a virtual reality game. He had a family background and friends that he thought were his and his alone. Wrong. Somehow his intelligence was downloaded into the brain of a boy called Jackson Porter by  a character he knows as Kaine.

Michael finds himself in Jackson Porter’s flat and has to adjust to being a real person. Two men bust down the door of his flat and tell him they are taking him to Kaine. Michael mistrusts everything and escapes.

He decides to look up two friends who are human gamers who play the games he is an entity in. Sarah and Bryson. When he finds them after creating an alternative identity for himself, the threesome venture back into the virtual reality world to find out what is going on.

Who or what is Kaine and why is he converting virtual characters into real life humans. As the title says  “the takeover has begun”

One of the great what ifs in this world is whether computers with Artificial Intelligence will ever take control and what will happen if they do.  Well this is one of those stories and it is brilliant. Michael,  Sarah and Bryson discover a dastardly plot to populate Earthg with human bodies harbouring Tangent minds.

This is for the reader that likes hi-tech novels that are full of action and cleverness. I couldn’t put it down but understand it has a nitch that isn’t everybody. The film Maze Runner currently on the circuit is also James Dashner’s creation.

High school and young adults

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