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Plenty: A place to call Home by Ananda Braxton-Smith.

October 22, 2014

plentyPlenty: A place to call Home by Ananda Braxton-Smith. Pub. black dog books, 2014.

Set in Australia this novel is for primary/intermediate students and has some depth. It is about home, homesickness, homelessness and moving and the effects they have on peoples lives but told from a child’s perspective.

The World is full of people on the move. Some by choice and some because they have to. Maddy feels like she has to because her parents have decided it is what is best for them and Maddy too.

Maddy is happy in the city with her best friend Sophie-Rose. They are 10 years old and enjoying the routine of life where they are. Maddy is angry when she is told they are shifting to a town in the country called Plenty. She is determined to hate it and to stay mad at her parents until they go back. This is not going to happen.

At Plenty Maddy meets her grand mother who is showing signs of dementia, a reason why her parents chose to move. When Maddy goes to the small school of 7 girls and 5 boys she  befriends Grace Wek a tall black girl from Southern Sudan who was forced from her homeland by war. her memories of the journey to Australia are grim and her memories of home vague.

Maddy’s interaction with grandmother and Grace is to change her attitude and point of view.

A very sensitive story of a world wide situation.

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