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Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen.

November 5, 2014

evil librarianEvil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen. Pub. Candlewick Press, 2014.

The lesson of this novel for teenagers is, “if you are going to make a deal with the devil or a demon make sure  the wording of the deal is exactly right”. Devils and demons are what they are because they are dirty underhanded beings with no conscience.

Cyn is in love with a boy who she has never talked to. She can’t. Whenever he is around she gets tongued tied and she can hear her heart go bumpity bump. Its a fool grown crush. His name is Ryan and she wants to mess with him big time and have his babies.

Cyn’s best friend Annie is cynical but her turn is coming. A new librarian, Mr Gabriel, comes to school. He is good looking, young and seems to mesmerise Annie but has no effect on Cyn. Then Cyn witnesses an evil occurrence in the library in which there is a great deal of blood.  Mr Gabriel warns Cyn to stay cool knowing that his powers only have minimal effect on her.

The school is putting on the operetta Sweeney Todd in which a madman takes revenge on those who have wronged him and cooks their flesh in pies. There is something to be said for vegetarianism. Cyn and Ryan are in the play giving Cyn a chance to lust after Ryan.

Then the headmaster dies in mysterious circumstances, Cyn tells Ryan the librarian is a demon and ends his skepticism by confronting Mr Gabriel. Everyone is in danger.

Cyn and Ryan research how to get rid of a demon with an occult black magic shop owner and discover that demons of  underworld are battling for power. To win a demon has to have a human consort. Then it gets really good.

Very well written in a gushy school girlie way at first but things change as the situation deteriorates. The dialogue is great, the plot moves in mysterious ways and the humour is outstanding. A bit like Tarantino’s film From Dusk Till Dawn. You will not forget this novel in a hurry.

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