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Young Bond: Shoot to Kill by Steve Cole.

November 20, 2014

young bondYoung Bond: Shoot to Kill by Steve Cole. Pub. Doubleday, Imprint Random House. 2014.

I have always found James Bond to be irresistable and read most of the Young Bond series when it was written by Charlie Higson. Now Steve Cole has taken over and there has been no loss in excitement, plot or action about the man who has everything or should I say the boy who is well on the way to being the man.

James Bond has been dismissed from Eton and now attends an open privileged but progressive school called Dartington Hall. He immediately meets the nasty Beatrice Judge and the dwarf with charisma, sense of humour and a number of defensive skills called Hugo.

Soon he is watching a film in which real people are being hurt in a brutal manner. A film that is sought by a Nazi type group. There is a murder in the local cinema before James is away at the expense of a powerful film magnate, to Hollywood. The magnate says he has a great interest in education and is comparing school achievement standards on pupils from different education systems. James is one of the chosen pupils along with a very canny, attractive, yet aloof girl called Boody short for Boudicca. James surely should be trying to make it with Boody. But will he, there is competition.

They travel by zeppelin to America, a beautifully described trip, and rapidly get involved with gangsters who are muscling in on Hollywood film makers. Lots of nasty villains in this book and filmmakers for that matter.

Set in the 1930,s when Bond is 16years old.

Great action, brilliantly told and James Bond is growing into the man he is to become. The ending is gripping as James and his friends become the hunted in the ultimate reality movie. Look forward to others from the same series.

For anyone who likes action heroes and novels from Intermediate school upwards

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