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The Bow. win or lose? by Catherine Mayo.

December 18, 2014

the bowThe Bow. win or lose? by Catherine Mayo. Pub. Walker Books, 2014.

Thoroughly enjoyed this novel as I did Murder at Mykenai for which this novel is a sequel. Thyestes after killing the father of Menelaos and Agamemnon is still High King of Mykenai and at war with Ithaka under King Laertes father of Odysseus. The other kingdoms of Argos and Messinia are reluctant to get involved but are fearful of Thyestes.

When 16 year old Odysseus  and  Laertes squire Eurybates go in disguise to Argos to lay claim to the gold of the now dead grandfather of Odysseus, a hornets nest is stirred up.

Excellent action writing from Catherine Mayo who shows acute knowledge of Ancient Greece in the Bronze Age and keeps the tension pedal on the action from start to finish. Odysseus feels love for the first time with slave girl Skotia, learns how to use a bow under Stenelos and experiences Greek law in a trial about sheep rustling.

Of course there is the question of the Bow of Eurytos the archer who slayed Greek hero Herakles. Made of two goat horns and bound in the middled by red leather nobody has been able to string it and fire an arrow since Eurytos. Maybe Odysseus will break the mould. Read it and find out.

I just loved this ancient world so if you like historical fiction with a bit of flare then this is the book for you. Secondary students and young adults in appeal but good intermediate readers will devour it too.


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