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Duncans and PrePocalypse by Geradts, Fairgray and Martinez.

December 23, 2014

duncansDuncans by Geradts, Fairgray and Martinez. Pub. Beyond Reality Media NZ Ltd, 2014.

Patrick works for a company that uses humans as laboratory rats. While testing  an experimental laxative he has an electric shock which completely changes what he sees in life. He sees that attached to every human being is a daemon like creature called a Duncan.

These Duncans have been with humans since they were cavemen and have been responsible for the evolution of man to what he is in this book. I will let you judge for yourself.

Patrick has his own Duncan who seems to be the top banana but has a desire to rid the World of all the Duncans and establish his own power.  D1 as the Duncan is known gets Patrick to make a machine which gets rid of all the Duncans but turns humans into cavemen again except for some Super Humans whose body and mind have merged with the Duncans. Confused yet?

Read the rest and find out. Graphic novel style illustrations that are everything you think they are. Illustrative, surreal, horror and comedy. You are either into these novels or your not.

prepocalypsePrePocalypse by Geradts, Fairgray and Martinez. Pub. Beyond Reality Media NZ, 2014.

This the sequel to the above graphic novel. Patrick has now a caveman friend and he and his girlfriend Danes are trying to save the World and the human race. They are helped by a time traveling tourist called Beethoven Jones who travels to historically important situations and takes a selfie.

In this episode the demise of Rasputin is the historical or is it hysterical moment that beethoven takes and it is a riot.

You will either love it or hate it. I found it amusing.

The authors have a cynical view of Mankind and take the water out of science and evolution. Einstein, Freud and Darwin appear in these novels.

The graphic illustrations again are a huge part of the appeal of these novels and they are for a certain type of visual reader usually male and reluctant to read the usual style of novel. They have a place in reading are entertaining and would appeal at High school age.

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