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Awakening by Natalie King.

January 5, 2015

awakeningAwakening by Natalie King. Pub. Penguin, 2014.

better known as romance writer Natalie Anderson this is Natalie King’s first young adult novel and it is an original idea. My first book of the new year and it took me a while to get into it but once I became atuned to Natalie King’s style I couldn’t put it down.

Tamas is a 17 year old French boy trapped by Witchery in a solid metal pendant for over 100 years. Similarly aged Zelie is trapped into rescuing the pendant from the cold waters of Lake Tekapo by emaciated and sickly Kate. Once she puts it round her neck she cannot remove it and finds that the boy Tamas is now inside her and can see through her eyes.

No more looking in the mirror after a shower for Zelie. Tamas talks to Zelie and he tells her he will leave her body once he gets stronger, but will this happen? Meantime Zelie who is a newcomer to New Zealand with her doctor father and 8 year old brother meets boy hunk Otis who surprisingly takes notice of her and invites her for toast after school. Then he invites her to the school ball where all hell is going to break loose.

Very descriptively written in the pristine setting of Lake Tekapo in the coldest winter. You can feel the cold coming out of the pages. Great to read in bed on these hot sticky nights.

I could describe this novel with several phrases like a psychological drama, a magical mystery, a witchy romance or a dark magic tale. They are all correct but there is something else there and you the reader can find out for yourself.

I will say i don’t think it is the end of the story. There is at least one sequel inherent in this story.

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