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Doodle Bug by Bruce Potter.

January 21, 2015

doodle bugDoodle Bug by Bruce Potter. Pub. Draconis Ltd, 2014.

Doodle Bug is a frog like creature with cool red dungarees and mauve shoes. He is a digital creation who is used by Potter to inspire his graphic doodlings. Doodle bug is hidden in these doodlings and one of the challenging exercises of this picture book is to find the hidden doodle bug.

Potter uses Doodle Bug to draw readers into the doodles and help students learn.

Doodle Bug appears on a blank page the next page has a cup of coffee and a morsel to eat. Now the doodle can begin in black biro. Weird fantasy drawings of dragons and strange creatures follow. Straight out of the imagination. Finally Doodle Bug tires and it is off to bed with his teddy.

Plenty for a child with an artistic bent to ponder over.

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