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Construction by Sally Sutton. Illus. Brian Lovelock.

January 30, 2015

constructionConstruction by Sally Sutton. Illus. Brian Lovelock. Pub. Walker Books.

A library is being built. Hurrah about time!! The piles are bored. The concrete fills the holes. The framing is made. The floors stairs and walls a fitted in. The roof is put on. The doors and windows are fitted. The pipes and wires are slotted in.  The paint and carpet are applied and lain. The shelves, tables are moved in, then the books. Now we can choose our own books.

Sounds like a wonderful plot to me. All told in simple text with safety paramount. In the back some fact about all the building processes and builders clothing.

The illustrations perfectly show the building process. The trucks, the cranes, the scaffolding, the glass and timber, the colourful pipes.

It doesn’t get better than this. Great for juniors

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