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Hypercar by David Jubermann.

January 31, 2015

hypercarHypercar by David Jubermann. Pub. Epsum Media Ltd, 2015.

If you are going to write a novel the best piece of advice you can get is to write what you know about. David Jubermann knows about cars and driving fast and he knows about the culture that surrounds speed.

His latest novel is a long way from the boy racers of Christchurch and the drift racers of previous novels Shiftlight and Drift Race although some of the characters appear in this novel. It is nice to know they did alright.

Ollie is wealthy, has just bought a house and drives a Porsche GT3. He allows a fast young woman to drive it in a gross error of judgement. She speeds at 275Ks, is clocked, crashes the car, and does a runner, leaving Ollie to face the music. He is busted, deported and his car is confiscated perhaps by crusher Collins.

These events lead him to Hawaii, then to Las Vegas, California and Detroit, into car racing where the stakes are astronomical. Losing is inconceivable and will mean the loss of your car and even more. This is the world of the super rich and their wondrous toys and extravagant lifestyles and whats more it makes for a very appealing and readible book.

There are many strings to the plot, all linked and it culminates in a race off between two cars going backwards for a multi million contract to build a super yacht.

In between time Ollie and his mates build a car from his mate Cam’s imagination and race it. Ollie meets the girl of his dreams  and there is a high stakes police bust of a gang in the desert.

Well written and structured and will appeal to all those petrol heads of high school age who love cars and speed.

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