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The Fish Story by Stu Potter. Illus. by Miri Britain.

February 28, 2015

fish storyThe Fish Story by Stu Potter. Illus. by Miri Britain. Pub. Stu Potter. http://www.thefishstory.co.nz.

A cautionary tale and almost Maori legend. The first thing I thought after I read it was this should be in the standard 32 page picture book format. The power would be so much greater.

In the beginning all fish were equal but two of them,  to become a  marlin and a shark, are bit above themselves. They want to fight for domination and do so. The ending is yours to find out but lets say there is a third reluctant contender. The story is well told and some key words are emphasised in Maori.

With little doubt the outstanding feature of the book are the illustrations of Miri Britain. The colours of blue black white and the orange of the Creator are stunning. A particular highlight is the metamorphosis of the ordinary fish over two folds of the page, into  first a marlin, and then a shark. And a surprise at the end.

A good read-a-loud for both primary and intermediate students and a comparison with legends of other cultures.

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