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Steve Surname: Battle for Sneem by H.L. Reader

March 2, 2015

SneemSteve Surname: Battle for Sneem by H.L. Reader. Pub. http://www.stevesurname.com

Often these days children come to reading either through a film or an on-line game. This book is one of a series based on the game Minecraft and for reluctant boy readers in primary and intermediate school they are extremely valuable.

The font size is very large, the illustrations are straight from Minecraft and the stories are good  and culturally safe.

In this title good guy Steve surname encounters a bitter rivalry between the city dwellers of Glenwilly and the villagers of Sneem. Steve has to get to the bottom of their hatred for each other before it leads to outright war.

The dialogue is bizaare at times and the action is cool perhaps they will all live lovely-ly ever after.

Who is Gweek BigMan? and will Steve have his milk and cake at the end?

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