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The Whale Savers by Linda Roberts. Illus. Bruce Potter.

March 2, 2015

whale saversThe Whale Savers by Linda Roberts. Illus. Bruce Potter. Pub. New Holland, 2015.

Every year more than 300 whales strand themselves on New Zealand beaches. Is it by accident or design? This junior science book looks a one such stranding of a Wera from the point of view of a young boy Tama.

Tam and his grandmother are walking by the beach when they spot the young wera panting on the beach in some distress. Grandma reacts with efficiency getting the locals out with sheets and buckets. Someone rings the Department of Conservation and Sally Olsen turns up with her expertise.

It is hours till high tide when the young whale can be refloated but first keep him alive and comfortable. People who do this are fantastic.

Great illustrations by Bruce Potter, they always are. Life like characters transposed onto a beach and sea location. The young whale is superb through his eyes you can see how he is dealing with the situation. Then the joy of going back to sea.

At the back of the book  some facts and figures and suggestions of why whales get stranded.

Perfect book for study for primary and intermediate students.

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