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Johnny Danger D.I.Y. Spy by Peter Millett.

March 3, 2015

johnny dangerJohnny Danger D.I.Y. Spy by Peter Millett. Pub. Puffin Books, 2015.

This new series for reluctant readers, boys in particular is one of the craziest novels I have ever read ranking with Paul Jennings and Andy Griffith and commanding the same reader group.

Jonathon Dangerfield dreams of being a master spy like James Bond only with heaps of on-line gadgets. He sets up a webpage as Johnny Danger and exaggerates his credentials and accomplishments. But as they say luck favours the brave and Johnny is brave if nothing else and very lucky.

When super villain, Dr Disaster invents a virus that turns key words into anagrams and causes severe disruption to the Queens speech and Justin Bieber’s birthday, MI6 are onto the case. They need someone savvy to hunt down Dr Disaster who is a nut case with ambitions to rule the World. Johnny Danger is the man or should I say boy.

Johnny is commandeered by MI6 and partnered with the brooding Penelope Pounds. Dr Disaster is holed up on the Island of Ikki Ikki Bunga and Johnny and Penelope have to stop him.

Often hilarious action and description that will have even adults smiling. This novel will gladden the heart of the most dour reader. Primary and Intermediate.

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