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Muddle & Mo by Nikki Slade Robinson.

March 9, 2015

muddle & MoMuddle & Mo by Nikki Slade Robinson.. Pub. Duck Creek Press, 2015.

Muddle thinks that Mo is a funny looking duck and Muddle is right because Mo is a goat. Goats do not look anything like ducks, well not in my experience at least but who knows what sort of slant Picasso could put on it.

Muddle decides that Mo is a funny colour for a duck, his beak is too hairy, he doesn’t eat worms among other things but worst of all his poos are too hard. It doesn’t look good for Mo.

Then Muddle sees a Goat Farm and realises Mo is not a duck but a goat. Mo of course already knows this but is Muddle a goat? Read it and find out. Very good ending.

Delightful picture book with a very expressive duck and a goat. Written text is minimal and right on the nail. Has great child appeal especially with the” hard poos”. My granddaughters wanted to have it read again and they are hard taskmasters.

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