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An Elephant for Breakfast by Zella.

March 14, 2015

elephant breakfastAn Elephant for Breakfast by Zella. Pub. Zella Books London, 2014.

A junior reader for confidant readers in years 3/4 and a good one too.

Freddie, Tom, Rose, Johnny and Bella are cousins who live in Paradise Road London. They have an uncle Cosmo who owns a chocolate factory in Kenya and every year he sends them a box of presents at the beginning of summer. This year it is late and when it comes it has a nasty surprise.

This is a story about ivory smuggling and the dangers to elephants of the illegal trade. The box for the children is very heavy and inside are huge blocks of chocolate and inside the chocolate are ivory tusks. Who is doing this? Is their uncle Cosmo or his girlfriend Josephine involved?

The children are alerted when two shabbily dressed men calling themselves policemen turn up at their door. You will have to read it to find out more.

Well wrtten and has a feel of a junior Famous 5 about it.

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