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How I Alienated my Grandma by Suzanne Main.

March 16, 2015

alienated grandmaHow I Alienated my Grandma by Suzanne Main. Pub. Scholastic, 2015.

This is a science fiction adventure novel for primary and intermediate students and it was the winner of the Tom Fitzgibbon Award in 2014 and it deserved to be.

Enthusiastically written by a mother who is used to the banter of children and the absurdities that bringing up children brings. A big strength of the novel is the relationship between the two boys Michael and Elvis, it is clever, witty and a source of most of the information you need to understand the plot.

The plot is clever. Michael finds  a metal object buried deep in his backyard with a metal detector lent to him by his science mad next door neighbour Elvis.  When Michael’s grandma comes to visit he points it at her and presses an indentation and grandma turns into a lizard like creature then back to herself. I would have loved to have done this to my grandma.

Elvis tests the metallic object and finds it is related to no metal on Earth so it must be an alien and Michael deduces that he has alienated his grandma.

The plot thickens when the boys learn that the aliens want to take over Earth and put themselves in human beings.

The boy’s research to see if there have been any alien sightings and find that there have. Who is the old man who shouts “They are Coming” in the main street.

Are the aliens coming and can the boys stop them? The last 100 pages are thrilling. Read it today.

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