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Nano Tech by Denis Wright.

April 7, 2015

nano techNano Tech by Denis Wright. Pub. Makaro Press, 2015.

A novel for high school students that is clearly meant to shock. And it does.

Professot Meinhoff is an American Biologist who invents a virus that is meant to cure diseases that are ethnically selective. He understands that such  viruses could also be used for evil as they are capable of being used to wipe races out without touching others. Mankind is littered with evil men who have tried to do this.

Meinhoff creates a virus that works on the melanin in skin pigmentation which if put in the water supply of American cities could wipe out black Afro Americans without touching the white population. Fortunately Meinhoff is a genius and can hold all the formulae and gene structures in his head without putting them to paper or keeping computer files.

A white supremacist gang capture Meinhoff while he is lecturing in New Zealand but things go wrong and a group of intellectually gifted year 13  high school students are kidnapped at the same time along with their vivacious teacher Bernie. The gang is hell bent on getting Meinhoff’s secrets out of him by fair means or foul and there are going to be casualties.

Each student has their own quirks and problems but none more so than Joe who speaks very little, has spacey moments and hasn’t been right since an accident when he was 10 years old. He narrates the novel and it is his story that is the second part of the shock syndrome of this novel along with the Stockhlom Syndrome effects on the teacher Bernie.

I will let you the reader decide how effective this novel is. Sexual abuse is not an easy topic to discuss in a YA novel.

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