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Help! The Wolf is Coming by Ramadier & Bourgeau.

April 13, 2015

help wolf comingHelp! The Wolf is Coming by Ramadier & Bourgeau. Imprint Gecko Press, 2015.

There is something about wolves that makes them come and get you and this boardbook for pre school and juniors is one of them

However it does have an added ingredient in that it is interactive. As the wolf tries to come and get you, the reader can tilt the book to make him fall and shake the book to turn him upside down. great fun.

Illustrated in three basic colours, yellow for the sky, green for the ground and black for the wolf with the written text in red and yellow. This boardbook is as is simple and as exciting as it gets.

Don’t forget to shut the book at the end or the wolf will get you. my grand daughters laughed with delight and wanted me to read it again and again as long as they could tilt and shake the book.

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