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I Want Spaghetti! by Stephanie Blake.

July 13, 2015

i want spaghettiI Want Spaghetti! by Stephanie Blake. Pub. Gecko Press, 2015.

If you have a winning formula why change it? Stephanie Blake doesn’t in this 5th book about the little rabbit Simon and his obsessive behaviour.

First he would only say Poo Bum, then he had to cope with a young brother, followed by a lesson in bargaining and refusal to go to school. Now he will only eat spaghetti and as always his parents deal with Simon’s excesses with aplomb.

There is something about chocolate cake that will turn any child’s head.

As always the illustrations are simple colourful and expressive with just enough text to convey the story. This time Simon has a useful ally in the cat.

Great read-a-loud and another chance to become acquainted with that doyen of words – Exquisite!

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