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The Big book of Animals of the World by Ole Konnecke.

July 15, 2015

animals worldThe Big book of Animals of the World by Ole Konnecke. Pub. Gecko Press, 2015.

A big board book that can take the knocks and anything a child can inflict on it except fire. it is by the same author that gave us You Can Do it Bert reviewed earlier on this blog.

The book concentrates on the animal life, both known and not so well known, on each of the continents and in the oceans of the world with only a solitary penguin on the Antarctic shore.

A doublre page spread shows some of the physical characteristics of each continent and environment with some of the animals drawn and named with the eyes being a feature. There are animals that we hardly know like the pelican eel, Baird’s tapir and the secretary bird.

There are other little events going on too, generally by little mice who act as humans. These little gems will attract inquisitive children and further stories can emerge. The only written text is the names of the animals.

At the end there is a map of the world to show where everything fits.

Altogether a superb book that should find a place both in the home and in a school library.

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