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Bush Block by Kerry Butler

July 27, 2015

bush blockBush Block by Kerry Butler. http://www.wheelers.co.nz

Not the usual type of novel I review on this blog because it is not only about a boy called Joe who grows up after being bullied most of his life and succeeds, but it is a philosophy of life and living a sustainable life on a block of land.

Joe is the youngest boy in his family headed by a violent and drunken father. he is his mother’s favourite and has to wear the tag of mummy’s boy. he learns to fight back and becomes a star rugby player at school. Academic life is not for him he is a boy who works with his hands. he moves onto a farm with his uncle, meets a girl, gets into hunting settles down and as he gets older learns to diversify his life on the land.

A good yarn in a Barry Crump sort of way, some hooray stories especially an involvement with a  gang over growing marijuana on his property. Lots of hunting talk.

Written in a no nonsense third person narrative and aimed at high school students and young adults.

Kerry Butler can be contacted at kb@farmside.co.nz


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