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Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead.

July 30, 2015

goodbye strangerGoodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead. Pub. Text Publishing, 2015.

Enjoyed reading this novel for Intermediate and High School students but have to concede that it is more likely to appeal to girls rather than boys. Having said that there is much to gain by boys in reading this novel because it is an insight into how female friendships work and how they regard boys.

The heart of the novel revolves around the friendship between Bridge, Tab and Em who have known each other for years but they are now in 7th grade and their lives are changing both in a physical sense and the way they view each other, their parents and of course the great mystery in their lives boys.

Bridge has recovered from a serious accident and has started a friendship with Sherm who is a great male character. Tab is drawn to the feminist way of thinking and Em has developing curves that the older boys are beginning to notice.

The drama surrounds a series of selfies sent by Em to a knockout boy Patrick who has requested a photo of her. She sends him a photo of her foot. Pics continue to change hands until Em sends one of herself in a bra. OMG! Read the rest and find out what happens as things get out of control very quickly.

Told in five parts with each girl and Sherm featured. But there is a mystery character  who writes in a series of chapters headed Valentines Day. Who is it? There are also some minor characters who have great appeal.

Well written with philosophies and metaphors that will turn your head and your mind. Very satisfying read.

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