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Stray by Rachael Craw

August 3, 2015

strayStray by Rachael Craw. Pub. Walker Books, 2015.

If you liked the first part of this trilogy Spark then you are going to go for this novel too. I did.

In Spark teenager Evie found out a lot of disturbing things about herself. She was the product of a genetic experiment by a group called the Affinity Project which gave her heightened senses, reflexes and an impressive pair of boobs. She had the power to harvest memories from other people and to sense where like people were. She was what is known as a Shield and is protective to certain people to the extent that she will kill in order to protect them.

Evie also found out the the woman she knew as her mother wasn’t and discovered she had a twin brother, Aiden, who also has genetic modifications but is a Stray and a psychopathic killer. After Aiden attacks Evie’s friend Kitty he is captured put in a psychiatric ward but shows signs that he has lost the worst part of his genetic mutation.

The Affinity Project detect Evie’s existence, tag her and want to take her in for training, but Evie wants to free her twin as he faces death if detected by the Affinity Project. She frees Aiden in some exciting action, and goes on the run. Can she show the Project that Aiden is no longer a danger? What of her own status? What will become of the love relationship between Evie and the hunky Jamie? You will have to read this novel to find out.

The plot is believable and the medical ethics of it all horrifying but the descriptive language of Rachael Craw really impresses. It’s as if she is in Evie’s place. Very sensual language, emotional dialogue and thrilling action. At times the action is harrowing especially when Evie is in Re Prog. Not for the faint of heart. This novel sets up part 3 Shield  which is coming soon.



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