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Afterlight by Rebecca Lim.

August 25, 2015

afterlightAfterlight by Rebecca Lim. Pub. Text Publishing Melbourne, 2015.

This novel for teens and Young Adults is on the weird side but is compelling reading.

Sophie’s father was a biker and her mother an ex dancer and stripper. They completely changed their lives and gave Sophie all the love she needed. When Sophie began her last year at high school her mother and father were killed in a motorcycle accident and she went to live with her Gran who owns a pub outside Melbourne.

Sophie changes schools for a new start in life and she takes her 1.83 meter frame with a mess of red hair to Ivy Street school where she becomes known as Storkie. She also meets and becomes attracted to Jordan. a hot boy all the girls want to make it with.

When she was 5 years old Sophie had a dream in which a heavily tattooed brute of a man stood over her and she never forgot it. Now after a heavily publicised murder of a girl , by a biker gang, who had a similar life to her mother appears before Sophie as a ghost, her life is to take a startling change of direction.

A  series of incidents based on information given to Sophie by the ghost she calls Eve, makes Sophie a celebrity. The heart throb of a boy, Jordan, sees the same ghost as Sophie but knows her as Monica. You will have to read the novel to find out what happens.

Sophie and Jordan are a captivating couple and their relationship binds the reader to the gripping story which becomes not only a mystery and a ghost story but also a romance. Beautifully written with imagery that will startle you and thrilling action right up to the last page. The ending is up for you to decipher.

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