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Magisterium Book 2: The Copper Gauntlet by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare.

August 27, 2015

copper gauntletMagisterium Book 2: The Copper Gauntlet by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare. Pub.Penguin Random House 2015.

Callum and his fellow students Aaron and Tamara are now Mages in their second or Copper year at the Magisterium.This is the year that they work on mastery of the elements Earth Air Fire Water and Chaos. Aaron has become a Mage leader or Makar and there is a growing unease that the forces of darkness or Chaos are trying to get him.

Callum has his problems too as he is ridden with self doubt and fears he has the soul of Constantine Madden the Enemy of Death. He agonises that he is to become an Evil Overlord like Constantine Madden, the former Magisterium student and friend of his father Alastair who killed Callum’s mother in the third Mage War.

Callum is still accompanied by his best friend the Chaos Ridden wolf Havoc and is staying home with his father during the school holidays. He discovers¬† Havoc chained up in his father’s garage and chains on the wall fit for a boy like him. He fears his father is going to use an alkahest or copper gauntlet to push the Chaos controlling power of the Makar and destroy the magisterium.

I can’t tell you any more. If you read the first book which is reviewed on this blog you will want to get your eyeballs around this novel. Lots of magic and good versus evil, and of course the school action and gossip.

The ending is terrifying. What if Callum’s fears are correct and he is the soul of Constantine Madden? You won’t put this novel down once you have started.

Intermediate and secondary students will love this. Once again Holly Black and Cassandra Clare write a gripping novel but it helps to have read the first part. If I have to be honest in a very positive way I would have to say there is a Harry Potter feel about this series and it may be a good place for these readers to go.

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