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Let’s catch That Rainbow! by Ann Keane

September 11, 2015

rainbowLet’s catch That Rainbow! by Ann Keane. Distributed David Bateman Ltd, 2015.

Ever tried to catch a rainbow and find the pot of gold left by leprechaun’s at the end of it? Well Hadleigh and his mum try and can’t get there. They enlist the help of older brother Bryan, the bus driver of the school bus then dad and his mates who have been out fishing.

In spite of some ingenious tactics like using the fishing net  they have no success. But all is not lost there is cake and chocolate gold money afterwards. Seems reward enough.

Then right at the end Hadleigh draws a picture of a rainbow with all 7 colours, perhaps other children could do the same.

Excellent illustrations of a New Zealand rural setting, even the sheep who contribute fun to the story. First time author Ann Keane can be well pleased with this effort. She can be contacted at http://www.annkeane.co.nz.

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