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Have you seen Elephant by David Barrow.

September 15, 2015

have you seen elephantHave you seen Elephant by David Barrow. Pub. Gecko Press, 2015.

If you are going to play hide and seek don’t choose an elephant they are incredibly good at the game.

The boy in this picture book makes the mistake of letting the elephant hide first and while his dog can always find the elephant the boy is completely bamboozled.

Readers will have no problem finding the elephant in his ingenious disguises and this is part of the fun. When the boy gives up elephant is only too pleased to be back and the boy goes on to his next game – playing tag with a tortoise – but be careful they are very good at the game.

Splendid first picture book in water colours. Two page spreads and great characterisations of the boy, the elephant the dog and the tortoise. In the front there are family portraits and in the back the same portraits with the elephant and tortoise making their presence felt.

A top notch picture book.

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