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I Love My Dog by Angela Smith.

October 15, 2015

love dogI Love My Dog by Angela Smith. Pub truepotential.co.nz

Respect for animals is one of the lessons that children have to learn in life, in this case it is a dog but the lessons apply to all animals who share this planet with us.

This is a picture book suitable to be read allowed to junior primary students. The strength of the book is that all the illustrations are of children relating to their dogs, painted and drawn by real children. Their names appear at the bottom of each 2 page illustration.

Each illustration begins with the words I love my dog… and then why. Children can make up their own reasons.

At the back of the book is a very important section titled Charlie’s Safety Tips that educate the young reader on how to relate safely with dogs eg let a dog come to you, offer your hand and when you pat a dog stroke only the dog’s chin, chest or shoulder.

Very wise as dogs are territorial and while we think we own a dog in fact the dog owns us and we are pert of it’s territory.


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