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Happy Bright Light. A Weekly Empowerment Guide by Kelly Stone

October 16, 2015

happy brightHappy Bright Light. A Weekly Empowerment Guide by Kelly Stone. http://www.happybrightlight.com. 2015

I rarely review works such as this one which deals with confidence and strength in your own character. I learn things from every book I read and am aware that not everyone is the same and that some young people struggle. This book review is for them.

A two part book each dealing with a 26 week agenda for discovering self and self improvement. Part 1 deals with finding strength in your own identity and such tasks as saying Yes and No and building connections.

Part 2 deals with setting goals, dealing with stress, adopting a positive attitude and handling tough situations. It stresses working hard, not giving up and turning weaknesses into strengths.

The book is also a diary of your achievements asking the reader to identify things they learned about themselves and when they felt confident.

Between chapters are some serene photographs which give a sense of calmness and help in feeling confident.

Essentially for high school students and young adults but there is something here for everyone.

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