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Crossing the Line by Luis Suarez with Peter Jenson & Sid Lowe

November 6, 2015

suarezCrossing the Line by Luis Suarez with Peter Jenson & Sid Lowe. Pub. Headline, 2014.

Football is one of my passions. I follow everything about the game. When handed this book on Luis Suarez, I thought do I really want to know about a guy who bit 3 players during games, deliberately handballed to stop Ghana getting into the semi finals of the World Cup and was accused of being a racist after calling Patrick Evra a Negro in a game against Manchester United.

The guy who gave me the book was a Liverpool supporter and I though aye aye, but my interest was kindled. I thought the book was fantastic it gave me insights into the character of Luis Suarez and about the way football is played all over the World. He played at the top in Uruguay, Holland, England and Spain and now plays alongside Messi at Barcelona.

The overwhelming opinion that comes over about Suarez is that he is a family man and lays the reasons for his success to his wife Sofi whom he met when she was 13yrs and he 15 years. She is always there for him and is his best and harshest critic. She keeps his feet on the ground, he is not flash, doesn’t squander his money and is not a womaniser.

Secondly Suarez is a nonstop competitor who plays with passion and instinct. Everything he does on the paddock he does instinctively whether is is scoring a goal, handling the ball or biting a player. He feels responsibility, tries to lead from the front and these pressures cause him to do unforgiveable things. Suarez does not try to exonerate himself, he knows he has done unforgiveable things. He leaves nothing out.

If you want to read about passion in football read the chapter when 25 years after Hillsborough Liverpool were chasing the Premier league Title and drew 3-3 with Crystal Palace after leading 3-0. You can feel the emotion. It is all about pressure. It is what made Suarez do what he did.

Great reading for anyone who wants to compete at the top. The chapter on how to handle the money especially when you are young and the pressures on players when everybody wants to know you, is exceptional. I don’t believe everything he has to say about his actions but I sort of liked the guy by the end of the book.


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