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No More Heroes by Michelle Kan

November 17, 2015

no more heroesNo More Heroes by Michelle Kan. Fish and Swallow Publications, 2015.

As I was reading this self published novel I kept thinking that it was the sort of topic that is often the theme of graphic novels or comics. It is told mainly at night, in the lawless city in which the heroes and villains compete with each other freerunning and using martial arts. Almost a Ninja culture in the western city.

It is about kids with Abilities. Each ability emerges in the teenage years and is hard to master. At night it gives the teenagers high energy and an urge to fight crime or something. Good values.

This is about three new teenagers with Abilities, Clare, Linus and Mallory but Mallory fears she is losing hers. They discover that there already exists a crime fighting group called the Vigilantes with names like Fistcuffs, Resonace and Shockwave.

The trouble is a bunch of guys in hoods with a black dog are picking off the Vigilantes. Could this be related to the arrival in town of a Pop musician. You will have to read the novel to find out.

The descriptive language and street action are strong points of this novel and it will appeal to those who like superhero type stories especially high school students and young adults.

There is one glaring grammatical fault in which the author does not seem to comprehend when to use the pronouns their, they and them which are plurals instead of him, his and her which are for individuals. It seems a small point but it will drive English teachers to despair.

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