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The Lion and The Bird by Marianne Dubuc

December 4, 2015

lion & birdThe Lion and The Bird by Marianne Dubuc. Pub. Book Island 2015.

One of the picture books of the year this.

Lion with his carefully groomed mane, his pensive look and his dungarees lives a lonely but fulfilling life tending his garden, fishing in the lake and reading by the fire at night. But there is something missing.

As summer turns to autumn and the birds start migrating lion is joined by a young bird who has broken his wing and cannot complete the journey with the other birds.

Lion nurtures the bird back to fitness and the two share lion’s cottage, he has the room. Bird sleeps in lion’s slipper and winter passes all too quickly.

In spring bird returns to his flock and lion ponders his lonely life. Will bird return? Read it and find out.

Splendid pen and ink and watercolour illustrations showing the seasons and the beauty of the simple life. The use of a double page whiteout beautifully describes winter and later a musical note promises lion hopes.

Minimal text means you can add your own storytelling to it. My granddaughters aged 4 & 6 love it.

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