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Leaving for the Front: A Boy’s Story by Michelle O’Connell

December 17, 2015

leaving for frontLeaving for the Front: A Boy’s Story by Michelle O’Connell. Pub. ms@bms.co.nz   2015

In Masterton in 2014 One hundred secondary school boys dressed in military uniforms of the First World War, renacted the men of the town going to war in 1914.

The parade was watched by townsfolk dressed in the attire of the day and among the spectators was the author of this picture book and her son. The author noted how her son was moved by the event and this picture book captures that feeling.

The written text is short and concise “We are going to dress up for a parade today” The young boy tells the story. We have a photo showing the original parade, the War Poster with Wairarapa Needs You, ANZAC biscuits, the old villa and car from 1914, the train journey, the crosses on the hillside and the farewell.

The illustrations are in sepia tones and pencil drawings and capture the old world well.

Ideal for study of World War One and it’s historical times, It is very moving too.

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