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All That is Lost Between Us by Sara Foster

February 9, 2016

lost betweenAll That is Lost Between Us by Sara Foster. Pub. Simon & Schuster, 2016.

My first Young Adult read after the holidays and it is a beauty and very perceptive. Set in the fells gullies and lakes of the English Lake District it is a story of modern life and it is a thriller. The ending will have you on the edge of your seat.

Georgia is 17 years and lives with her angst ridden mother Anya, her father Callum who has secrets of his own and her brother Zac who is loyal to Georgia but has a crush on his step cousin Maddie who is not a blood relative. It doesn’t end here. Georgia has a cousin Sophie her best friend and she has a secret too.

Georgia has a secret that no daughter wants their mother to know and is on the verge of telling Sophie when a car deliberately runs them down at night on the eve of a cross country race that Georgia is favoured to win. Ooh the tension!

Written from the point of view of all the characters mentioned above in consecutive chapters. The main plot and sequence of events is maintained and historical ones added to increase the drama.

Superbly written with the backdrop of the fells mountains, lakes and gullies of this Wordsworthian part of England.

I enjoyed it immensely and I would say teenage girls will too. But it would be wrong to say it is written for them, boys who pick this up will not be disappointed. There is a strong Mother and daughter theme and a reminder that you don’t realise how dangerous life can be until you have children of your own.

Another important theme of this story is how cell phones and social media can be used to make kids lives absolutely frightening. I am glad I have stayed well away from them.

I give this book 8 out of 10.


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