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Moth Girls by Anne Cassidy

February 29, 2016

moth girlsMoth Girls by Anne Cassidy. Pub. Hot Key Books, 2016.

It is said that two is company and three is a crowd. That’s the way it is with Mandy, Petra and Tina. All three girls are new at school looking for friends to feel at ease.

Petra and Tina are friends first with Petra wanting the friendship to be exclusive. She inveigles Tina into her world by forming a girl band called the Red Roses. Tina is easy going and falls in line. When Mandy comes on the scene Tina is happy for her to join. The girls get on well and are closer in terms of family life and an easiness of manner.

Petra won’t have this and pressures Tina who submits. Petra’s home life is sordid. She lives with a violent drunken father who is always sorry after he beats her. Petra sees him entering a house with groceries one day and hears him talk of an old man who lives there.

Curiosity compels Petra to go into the old man’s property like a moth to a flame. She takes Tina in with her and tells Mandy to go home. Petra and Tina disappear. What has happened?

Not a trace is found of them and now it is 5 years later and the house from which they disappeared is being demolished. Mandy now 17 years goes to watch and this precipitates a series of events that tell of what happened.

Splendidly told by Anne Cassidy who is a master of suspense. She keeps the tension on for the whole book. This is a psychological thriller and a mystery.

I first read Cassidy’s book Looking for JJ in 2004. It was brilliant and this book is too.

High school students will love it and I suspect some intermediate girls will love it too.

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