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Starlight Stables. Bk1 Pony Detectives. Bk 2 Gymkhana Hijinks by Soraya Nicholas

March 13, 2016

pony detectivesStarlight Stables. Bk1 Pony Detectives,Bk 2 Gymkhana Hijinks  by Soraya Nicholas. Pub. Puffin Books, 2016.

These two easy to read novels for primary/Intermediate school girls who love horses are brand new out of Australia by an author who lives on a farm near Christchurch.

Poppy is given a pony by her aunt Sophie and Uncle Mark when she stays at the Starlight Stables over the school holidays. She calls the pony Crystal. She shares her time with two girls who are scholarships to the stables. Milly a bright cheerful risky and competitive girl who rides an Arab cross pony, Joe. Katie is less assured but an  honest, shy and competitive girl who rides Cody.

The girls train together and become close friends but on their first outing near neighbour Old Man Smithy’s farm. Milly sees strange horse hooves marks near the fence and wonders what is going on.

It becomes evident that horses are being stolen in the area, could these horse marks be a clue? and are their horses in danger? The girls are going to find out.

Gymkhana hijinksBk 2 Gymkhana Hijinks

This book continues on straight after book 1 when a new girl Jessica and her horse Cleopatra come to share training. Jessica is a surly rude girl with a mother who is even worse.

The girls are training for the Gymkhana, all want to win but Jessica has a win at all costs attitude and tries to ruin it for the other girls. When things go wrong and Aunt Sophie is told she doesn’t believe the girls so they are going to have to prove it.

These novels are not just about pony riding. They are about competition, friendship and other life problems such as grief and honesty. Poppy’s father has died and her mother is in grief. How will this affect Poppy?

As well there are two fine adults giving the girls guidance. Aunt Sophie and Uncle Mark.

A well written wholesome exciting series with good values about girls and horses. Certain to be popular.

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