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Rod: The Autobiography. by Rod Stewart

March 23, 2016

rodRod: The Autobiography. by Rod Stewart. Pub. Century, 2012.

“Wake up Maggie I think I’ve got something to say to you…” if ever the first line defined a rock star this is it. Jack the lad, rockin Rod Stewart has told his story and very entertaining it is.

He has confirmed the rock’n roll life style, confirmed his passion for tall leggy blondes, let us know the secret of his hair and all with a panache that can offend no-one. He is a lovable rogue to be sure.

He starts with his early life and suggests he was a mistake but a loved one. His parents sound terrific and instilled in him the importance of family in spite of the fact that he broke so many of them up. Once he saw the light after our own Rachel Hunter stunned him by walking out his dedication to all his children has been commendable.

He talks of his many women and never speaks disparagingly about any of them. He loved them all for sure but then who wouldn’t they were all very tasty indeed.

He talks about his passion for football and even watched NZ play Scotland at the 1982 World Cup in Spain. The short chapter where he reveals his love for Pre Raphaelite painting really surprised me and to know that i have a print of his favourite painting The Lady of Shallot shows that i have a connection with him somewhere. I did meet Rod briefly in Mombassa Kenya in the 1970s but he would never remember that.

I like the music talk, he certainly played with a lot of very good musicians and his dedication to Ronnie Wood, Long john Baldry and even the difficult Jeff Beck was interesting reading. He confirms Elton John is a bitch, Jagger is devious and soul and blues music is his first love. I agree.

He doesn’t balk from all the controversy surrounding him and doesn’t excuse his inability to confront emotional and personal issues with his wives. An entertainer till the end.

I probably will not read another adult book this year but I am glad I read this one.

Thank you Rod

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